Sometimes, you just don’t feel it.

After attempting to record a different episode for this week’s podcast and struggling to get it done, I had a stroke of insight about why I was feeling so indifferent to doing the work.

Instead of spending the morning deep in my own work, I had instead spent it consuming other people’s content. I fell down the rabbit hole of link after link after link, and before I knew it, I had whittled away too much time ingesting information and not making anything.

This noticing gave the idea for today’s podcast as I experiment with a new way of navigating the way I do my work. I identified three core things I need to be putting my attention toward in 2017 to grow my business.

And while none of this is particularly new, what was clear is that the order of when I do these three things matters. A lot.

Listen to today’s episode and find out the three things I’m doing to achieve more this year. 

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Start 2017 strong with a clear plan for your business

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