People always ask what’s the best camera but you’ve got to remember that the picture is taken in your head. You need to learn how to use your camera to convey that.” ~Clive Barda

I and some fellow biz travellers recently finished a brilliant marketing workshop as part of Stephanie’s Primed for Profits programme. What came out loud and clear was that there are myriad media and marketing vehicles for publicizing and promoting our ideas, products and services. I know this well, that’s my professional background.

And it’s always tempting to ask ‘which marketing method is best?’ It’s like the quote above though, it starts with you, not the marketing method. You have something you want to share. And you have a voice. You need to learn how to use your chosen marketing method to convey both – your message and your voice. Your real voice.

What is your real voice?

Your real voice is the one you use when you feel emotionally safe. It gives depth to your marketing.

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Your voice is shaped by your life story, professional expertise, the subjects, issues and people you are passionate about, your worldview, your spiritual outlook, your Beauty Mix, your No.1 Superpower Gift, and your trauma with a capital T. There is nothing like ‘completed’ trauma to give your voice a level of natural authority that cannot be taught.

Your voice can be verbalized so it is heard with the ear, and written so it’s read with the eye. But it is also an echo reverberating around you that is heard by the non-physical ear. Ever had the feeling of being drawn to someone before they’ve said anything? 

Your voice has a range, and unfolds over a lifetime. It deepens with impact, lightens with emotional release, gains gravitas with leadership and is enriched by your experiences.  

Get intimate with your real voice by:

1. Clarifying your self worth – Your voice gets stronger as you clear the blocks to your self worth – such as lies you’ve believed about yourself and the way the world works. Sometimes you don’t even notice the change at first. But you start to be heard from afar, and in quarters that you didn’t even know existed.  Opportunities come a-knocking. Your marketing begins to fly.

2. Knowing your No.1 Superpower Gift – This is that thing that you love to do at a heart level that you can pour out through different physical forms or activities. When you add that to your inner Beauty Mix (character + charisma + creative talent) it’ll be a cinch choosing your marketing methods. 

3. Owning your whole life – it may feel like your business only matters once you’ve hopped on the ‘online bus’. Not so. Your life and your achievements started way before that. Own all of it and bring what feels relevant and useful into the digital space.

4. Saying what you mean – words are carriers of meaning that can support your message and your voice. Use them to convey emotion, energy, personality and story. And mix it up by trying out photographs and other visual media to get a point across. As the saying goes – ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

5. Looking after yourself – nourish all parts of your life so that you can easily muster the courage, and receive the inspiration to use your real voice. It feels hard to take a risk when we’re out and out drained.  Women need to feel good in order to do good.  Repeat after me, ‘women need to feel good in order to do good’. Nourishing can look like writing a list, asking a question, hanging out with loved ones, chasing the dog, eating your greens, or shutting the door on the world and getting some much needed sleep.

Have fun and experiment with your marketing and promotional campaigns. Choose the methods that feel good to you, the ones that you can commit to for a time and that fit with your life.

The fruits of your marketing are much more to do with your belief in your message, your desire to contribute, your willingness to experiment, your feelings of aliveness, and your decision to use your voice. Your real voice.

Leica, schmeica.  The camera doesn’t make a bit of difference.  All of them can record what you are seeing.  But, you have to SEE.” ~Ernst Wetzlar 


This is a guest post by: 

Jayne Ifeacho – PR, photographer, writer, and inner-branding mentor to beauty-makers. She helps super bright women get clear on their self worth and tune up their self care so they can take the risks they need to take to create what they want to create, using their real voices and their inner beauty. Jayne is also author of the Art of Eating Pretty: for body, beauty and your bold art.

Jayne is donating three 60mins Real Voice sessions (£250 value) free of charge to Stephanie’s tribe. To qualify please send the name of the photographer famous for his black and white landscapes of the American West especially Yosemite National Park to hello (at) by 29 July.  The first three correct entries bag the sessions. Please include any questions or issues around using your real voice, and what you’d like help with.

Photo Credit: Navy Blue Stripes via Compfight

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