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What season of business are you in? (and why it matters)

“We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming. We cannot stop the spring or the fall or make them other than they are. They are gifts from the universe that we cannot refuse. But we can choose what we will contribute to life when each arrives.” ~Gary Zukav For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, spring has officially sprung. And while signs of life and growth are everywhere in the natural world, we may not be experiencing the same signals in our own businesses. And that warrants asking ourselves the question, “What season of business am I in?” Business, like life, is cyclical. And as owners, we must navigate all seasons and stages with the confidence that no matter what season we’re in, it shall soon pass into another. We may stay in certain seasons longer than others but eventually, everything will shift and move forward. This is incredibly useful to remember, particularly when things feel stagnant or stuck. Instead of fighting against it, we can work with its rhythms knowing that there are gifts to be drawn no matter the season and that it won’t be long before it’s behind us. Conversely, if we’re in a season of prosperity and busyness, we may feel gratitude for the success, but exhaustion at the idea of keeping it up. Knowing that another slower season is likely upon us can give us the stamina to ride out the busy season until we can once again rest and restore. Here’s what’s important: our business seasons may not line up with the natural seasons, nor the seasons of our peers or...

How to create a personalized success plan (BPP #027)

“Not my monkey, not my circus!” As a business owner, sometimes it’s easy to jump on every bandwagon that comes along because we think it’s what we ‘should’ do, what will work and what will get us to success. While there’s always merit to learning from others’ experience and implementing proven tools, over the long haul it won’t be sustainable to simply follow someone else’s path. You have to define your own definition of success. And that’s what we’re talking about on today’s episode. Your business will only work if it works for you – in all aspects. Even if it doesn’t line up with the common and over-hyped success indicators we see online. A personalized success plan is tailored to you – your values and priorities – anchors into the whole picture of your life. The only way to live your life by your design is to get clear on what you truly want and then incorporate strategies, habits, checks and balances that support you. Enjoy today’s episode!        Recommended Resources Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness or Friends: Pick 3 The advice that changed my life (BPP #003)  CEO Fast Track – on sale until February 18 for just $25 My PRO Plan – a comprehensive planning system for small business owners Your business will only work if it works for you. Click To Tweet By design – not by default – that’s where your business sweet spot is! Click To Tweet Success is nebulous. Define it for yourself. Click To Tweet   Thanks for listening! I want to thank you for listening and to those that...

My Sunday Night Planning Ritual (BPP #025)

It’s a fine balance, isn’t it? As entrepreneurs we struggle not to be consumed by our work, to spend time with our families and to make sure we have it all under control. It’s great in theory, but how do we live it out? How do we find that sweet spot that allows us to work on our success and our business, and also gives us the freedom to choose our own path? Suggesting a Sunday night ritual may sound almost hypocritical coming from someone who works diligently at being with my family when I need to be with my family, but part of what keeps me sane is spending the few minutes I do on Sunday evenings, getting a head start on my week. If I go to bed knowing that I’ve set up my week and I’ve got a handle on what’s ahead, I sleep better. I also wake up better, because the anxiety of Monday morning chaos combined with wondering what I’ll be facing work-wise has been removed. It’s not about being a workaholic, it’s not about giving up my Sunday evenings, but it is about working smarter. If we truly commit to a 15 minute jump start to get focused and create a plan, we are freed up to concentrate on other things. Keep in mind what will work for you, what will set you up for success. Maybe it’s end of day Friday or Saturday morning over coffee – whatever plan you know will work, work that plan. I look forward to having you join me on the podcast to discover that finely tuned...
There are a lot of coaches out there who I hide from – the bubbly, infomercial types that lack the accomplishments they are telling others to achieve. Stephanie is not one of those people. She is smart, tough, and has built a successful business practicing the values-led business planning she has pioneered. If you are highly successful but feeling more drained than inspired by your work, invest in coaching with Stephanie.
Building a thriving business has never been a challenge for me. Not letting the business run over my personal passions and family time – that’s been my issue. In a way that no business book or personal resolution could do – Stephanie challenged me to look at my values and define practical actions to reshape my business and get more pleasure from my professional life. It is work everyday to stay true – but what she teaches, sticks.
Claudia Moore, Partner, Material Insight

Since we began working together I have redefined my business focus, clarified the look and feel of my brand, gotten myself a fabulous new tagline and am just overall feeling laser focused and inspired to take my business up a level – hell, I’m ready to skip a level at this rate. Michelle Barry Franco

Before working with Stephanie, my business was a mess of ideas, complicated packages, obscure pricing and lots of big ideas with no action. Since working with her, my business is completely unrecognizable, in the best ways possible. Before working with Stephanie, I faced challenges around mindset, putting ideas into action, and overthinking/getting stuck in perfection.
I can actually see myself as an entrepreneur and not as someone who is “playing business”. Stephanie’s motto of “going pro” is woven through all the work you do with her. Stephanie will pull or push you through those mindsets that are holding you back and make you face what it means to go pro.
Amy Deagle, Founder + CEO, Women of Possibility

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