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My Sunday Night Planning Ritual (BPP #025)

It’s a fine balance, isn’t it? As entrepreneurs we struggle not to be consumed by our work, to spend time with our families and to make sure we have it all under control. It’s great in theory, but how do we live it out? How do we find that sweet spot that allows us to work on our success and our business, and also gives us the freedom to choose our own path? Suggesting a Sunday night ritual may sound almost hypocritical coming from someone who works diligently at being with my family when I need to be with my family, but part of what keeps me sane is spending the few minutes I do on Sunday evenings, getting a head start on my week. If I go to bed knowing that I’ve set up my week and I’ve got a handle on what’s ahead, I sleep better. I also wake up better, because the anxiety of Monday morning chaos combined with wondering what I’ll be facing work-wise has been removed. It’s not about being a workaholic, it’s not about giving up my Sunday evenings, but it is about working smarter. If we truly commit to a 15 minute jump start to get focused and create a plan, we are freed up to concentrate on other things. Keep in mind what will work for you, what will set you up for success. Maybe it’s end of day Friday or Saturday morning over coffee – whatever plan you know will work, work that plan. I look forward to having you join me on the podcast to discover that finely tuned...

How to gain more control by designing your ideal week (BPP #023)

Squirrel! Your phone vibrates as a text comes through, your email pings and your little one asks for a cookie while you’re speaking with a potential client on that phone. You feel pulled at from every direction, but as an entrepreneur you also feel that you are required to be available for every distraction that gets thrown at you in any given moment. How do you combat that sense of defeat before you even begin your week? Can it really be as simple as designing it ahead of time? What’s the point if the busy-ness of it all is just going to disrupt the best laid plans? Living life by design puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to solidify your own agenda before it gets taken over by the demands (or plans) of others. Think about it: why does someone else’s agenda or even lack of planning constitute an emergency on your part? Why do we live in the belief that it’s required of us to respond to the pings and beeps as they arrive? Gaining more control by designing our ideal week puts our priorities at the forefront, and therefore gives us pause to consider our actions or reactions before we succumb to the week in and week out hamster wheel of circumstance. After all, if we don’t execute on our own business goals and live our values, we pay the ultimate price of not experiencing the success that we started out to achieve. Join me on the podcast as I share how I set up my ideal week, along with how to get the...

Nothing is ever wasted, it is all useful (BPP #020)

Here’s a couple of patterns I see play out again and again at this time of year. Pattern #1: To completely ignore all past business missteps and hard knocks, in favour of focusing on the bright shiny future and possibility. Pattern #2: To completely dwell in the past, get locked in a story/personal narrative, and never go beyond it. Naturally, neither are constructive. Pattern #1 misses the critical opportunity and gift of past experience to shape the future direction and decisions we will need to make in business. Pattern #2 keeps us stuck, miserable and never moving forward. It does a number on our self-confidence and worth, and becomes a never-ending destructive cycle of doubt, shame, fear and guilt. I want you to embrace a third pattern. One that holds the perspective that nothing you’ve done is ever wasted, and contains valuable inside to drive your business forward, while not keeping you locked in past mistakes or regrets. The idea of making New Year’s Resolutions has come under fire the past few years because they simply set us up for failure. Why is that, do you think? We talked last week about implementing an intention for the year and how it differs from goals or resolutions. Along with setting an intention, reflection is a necessary tool to replicate more of what works and to learn lessons from what didn’t. As you review the past year, regardless of when you’re starting, do so with a perspective of curiosity rather than judgment. The past is the past, and the future still awaits your design. Learn from the triumphs and the challenges...
There are a lot of coaches out there who I hide from – the bubbly, infomercial types that lack the accomplishments they are telling others to achieve. Stephanie is not one of those people. She is smart, tough, and has built a successful business practicing the values-led business planning she has pioneered. If you are highly successful but feeling more drained than inspired by your work, invest in coaching with Stephanie.
Building a thriving business has never been a challenge for me. Not letting the business run over my personal passions and family time – that’s been my issue. In a way that no business book or personal resolution could do – Stephanie challenged me to look at my values and define practical actions to reshape my business and get more pleasure from my professional life. It is work everyday to stay true – but what she teaches, sticks.
Claudia Moore, Partner, Material Insight

Since we began working together I have redefined my business focus, clarified the look and feel of my brand, gotten myself a fabulous new tagline and am just overall feeling laser focused and inspired to take my business up a level – hell, I’m ready to skip a level at this rate.

Michelle Barry Franco

Before working with Stephanie, my business was a mess of ideas, complicated packages, obscure pricing and lots of big ideas with no action. Since working with her, my business is completely unrecognizable, in the best ways possible. Before working with Stephanie, I faced challenges around mindset, putting ideas into action, and overthinking/getting stuck in perfection.
I can actually see myself as an entrepreneur and not as someone who is “playing business”. Stephanie’s motto of “going pro” is woven through all the work you do with her. Stephanie will pull or push you through those mindsets that are holding you back and make you face what it means to go pro.
Amy Deagle, Founder + CEO, Women of Possibility

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