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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from half a decade as a business activator + leadership coach, it’s that hobbyists rarely make history.

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The tools I use to run my business

Look behind the curtain of any successful company, and you’ll see a myriad of systems, tools, people and technology that make it work. And different stages of business require the addition (or deletion) of different resources. When you’re bootstrapping it, you can...
There are a lot of coaches out there who I hide from – the bubbly, infomercial types that lack the accomplishments they are telling others to achieve. Stephanie is not one of those people. She is smart, tough, and has built a successful business practicing the values-led business planning she has pioneered. If you are highly successful but feeling more drained than inspired by your work, invest in coaching with Stephanie.
Building a thriving business has never been a challenge for me. Not letting the business run over my personal passions and family time – that’s been my issue. In a way that no business book or personal resolution could do – Stephanie challenged me to look at my values and define practical actions to reshape my business and get more pleasure from my professional life. It is work everyday to stay true – but what she teaches, sticks.
Claudia Moore, Partner, Material Insight

Since we began working together I have redefined my business focus, clarified the look and feel of my brand, gotten myself a fabulous new tagline and am just overall feeling laser focused and inspired to take my business up a level – hell, I’m ready to skip a level at this rate.

Michelle Barry Franco

Before working with Stephanie, my business was a mess of ideas, complicated packages, obscure pricing and lots of big ideas with no action. Since working with her, my business is completely unrecognizable, in the best ways possible. Before working with Stephanie, I faced challenges around mindset, putting ideas into action, and overthinking/getting stuck in perfection.
I can actually see myself as an entrepreneur and not as someone who is “playing business”. Stephanie’s motto of “going pro” is woven through all the work you do with her. Stephanie will pull or push you through those mindsets that are holding you back and make you face what it means to go pro.
Amy Deagle, Founder + CEO, Women of Possibility