Let’s close those pesky open loops.

Every business has a number of open loops, also know as ‘undones’ that distract and get in the way of the work that matters most. These are the tasks – big and small – that are incomplete and taking up energy that could be better channeled elsewhere.

Instead of walking around with a bunch of tasks that never get done, it’s time to form a habit of completion. And really, it’s not that hard and you’re going to feel amazing when you’re done.

Listen to today’s episode where I’ll give you six steps to go from chaos and confusion, to calm and confidence.

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Resources mentioned:

Form a habit of completion printable 

Gretchen Rubin’s Power Hour

Pomodoro Technique 

CEO Fast Track 

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“I listen to a lot podcasts, and most of the business ones feel like they are by men and for men. Stephanie brings a breath of fresh air for women in business. Not only that, this is unique in that she packs in real education in a brief time span. And it has a sense of heart and balance, while also getting serious about money and getting things done. It’s not just another interview show where someone is selling you something. I LOVE it. Highly recommended. I have followed her work for years and taken her classes. She’s the real deal!!” ~ValNelson

“Totally look forward to these podcasts. Steph talks about the topics that are absolutely essential to taking charge of your business and running a truly successful company. Its laid out in plain language that is easy to take in and implement.” ~AlishiaSpring

“I’ve worked with Stephanie in a variety of ways for several years. In all cases, she has gone above and beyond. She has a way of getting at the heart of issues–resistance, overwhelm, etc–and helping people move beyond them. These podcasts are another way that Stephanie is going above and beyond for the people she serves. Each episode is packed with useful and timely advice. Thank you, Stephanie, for taking the time to put these together.” ~Carole Audet

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