Are you working ON not just IN your business?

Most entrepreneurs, particularly those that are service-based, spend most of their working hours doing one of two things: 1) servicing their clients and 2) doing low-level admin tasks like email processing, social media perusing and chatting, and jumping from idea to idea or task to task.

While providing stellar service is a critical component of your business, and handling the daily admin tasks of your business still need to get done, they shouldn’t come at the expense of finding time to work on the development and growth of YOUR business.

And that’s why you need today’s tool to make the most important stuff happen.

On today’s episode, I give you the tool I use to grow my business and I use with all my clients. And then I walk you through the six key areas you must be focusing on as the CEO of your business (and how to find time to do it).

Listen to today’s episode to find out more.

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