Here’s a couple of patterns I see play out again and again at this time of year.

Pattern #1: To completely ignore all past business missteps and hard knocks, in favour of focusing on the bright shiny future and possibility.

Pattern #2: To completely dwell in the past, get locked in a story/personal narrative, and never go beyond it.

Naturally, neither are constructive.

Pattern #1 misses the critical opportunity and gift of past experience to shape the future direction and decisions we will need to make in business.

Pattern #2 keeps us stuck, miserable and never moving forward. It does a number on our self-confidence and worth, and becomes a never-ending destructive cycle of doubt, shame, fear and guilt.

I want you to embrace a third pattern.

One that holds the perspective that nothing you’ve done is ever wasted, and contains valuable inside to drive your business forward, while not keeping you locked in past mistakes or regrets.

The idea of making New Year’s Resolutions has come under fire the past few years because they simply set us up for failure. Why is that, do you think? We talked last week about implementing an intention for the year and how it differs from goals or resolutions. Along with setting an intention, reflection is a necessary tool to replicate more of what works and to learn lessons from what didn’t.

As you review the past year, regardless of when you’re starting, do so with a perspective of curiosity rather than judgment. The past is the past, and the future still awaits your design. Learn from the triumphs and the challenges behind you, and use them to create a more powerful path ahead.

If you were to sum up your last year in one word, how would you describe it? What worked well for you? How did you create that success? What advice would you give yourself for this coming year?

On the podcast today, I will discuss why nothing is ever wasted, it’s all useful. When you’re in reflect mode, everything is on the table and even the crumbs you want to brush off can be used in some way. While I have no desire to let you dwell in the past, I do want you to use it to shape your future, otherwise you’ll find yourself in what Albert Einstein called the definition of insanity — doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It’s a new year, a clean canvass. How will you weave what you’ve learned from last year into an intentional, purpose-filled twelve months?

Enjoy today’s episode! 


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