Your phone vibrates as a text comes through, your email pings and your little one asks for a cookie while you’re speaking with a potential client on that phone. You feel pulled at from every direction, but as an entrepreneur you also feel that you are required to be available for every distraction that gets thrown at you in any given moment.

How do you combat that sense of defeat before you even begin your week? Can it really be as simple as designing it ahead of time? What’s the point if the busy-ness of it all is just going to disrupt the best laid plans?

Living life by design puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to solidify your own agenda before it gets taken over by the demands (or plans) of others.

Think about it: why does someone else’s agenda or even lack of planning constitute an emergency on your part? Why do we live in the belief that it’s required of us to respond to the pings and beeps as they arrive?

Gaining more control by designing our ideal week puts our priorities at the forefront, and therefore gives us pause to consider our actions or reactions before we succumb to the week in and week out hamster wheel of circumstance. After all, if we don’t execute on our own business goals and live our values, we pay the ultimate price of not experiencing the success that we started out to achieve.

Join me on the podcast as I share how I set up my ideal week, along with how to get the most out of your own planning time.

Enjoy today’s episode! 


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