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Leadership Insights for Women in Business

Featured as one of “24 Exceptional Women-Hosted Podcasts for Entrepreneurs in 2017” by Entrepreneur Magazine

This podcast is dedicated to helping women CEOs, founders, solopreneurs and business owners develop the leadership skills and mindset they need to grow a smart, sustainable business.

The Beyond PRO podcast is short, straight-to-the-point actionable advice and is designed to get you thinking and acting beyond the day-to-day grind of running a business. Each episode has a downloadable printable so you can immediately put the concepts to work in your business.

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BPP #041: 30 powerful ways to spring clean your business (part 1) 

BPP #040: Sprint through the next quarter with ease

BPP #039: What you need to get about decision fatigue 

BPP #038 Be choosey. Really damn choosey. 

BPP #036 I give you permission (subscriber episode only)

BPP #035: How to read more and better in 2017

BPP #034: “Good for her, not for me.”

BPP #033: Here are the 3 things I’m doing to achieve more this year

BPP #032: What questions to ask when your business needs to change 

BPP #031: How to bounce back after a crisis of confidence

BPP #030: Cup of Ambition. Brewed every Monday. (Subscribe to get these episodes – no show notes)

BPP #029: We’re Back! (no show notes)

BPP #028: Cup of Ambition. Brewed every Monday. (Subscribe to get these episodes – no show notes)

BPP #027: How to create a personalized success plan

BPP #026: Cup of Ambition. Brewed every Monday. (Subscribe to get these episodes – no show notes)

BPP #025: My Sunday night planning ritual 

BPP #024: Cup of Ambition. Brewed every Monday. (Subscribe to get these episodes – no show notes)

BPP #023: How to gain more control by designing your ideal week

BPP #022: Cup of Ambition. Brewed every Monday. (Subscribe to get these episodes – no show notes)

BPP #021: Cup of Ambition. Brewed every Monday. (Subscribe to get these episodes – no show notes)

BPP #020: Nothing is ever wasted, it is all useful 

BPP #019: Cup of Ambition. Brewed every Monday. (Subscribe to get these episodes – no show notes)

BPP #018: The key ingredient to have a stand out year

BPP #017: Break free of your addiction to possibilities

BPP #016: Taking fear out of the equation with Tiffany Han

BPP #015: How to never lose focus again with this one tool

BPP #014: Boost your chances with a set of these

BPP #013: The super simple strategy to overcome overwhelm

BPP #012: How to get over your fear of planning

BPP #011: 5 crazy excuses I made before launching my podcast 

BPP #010: Growth Strategy No. 5, Think big and far, act small and soon 

BPP #009: Growth Strategy No. 4, Cultivate a growth mindset

BPP #008: Growth Strategy No. 3, Leverage the 3 key ways to grow 

BPP #007: Growth Strategy No. 2, Position your business for smart growth 

BPP #006: Growth Strategy No. 1, Deadhead your business

BPP #005: Form a habit of completion 

BPP #004: How to life-proof your business

BPP #003: The advice that changed my life

BPP #002: Working harder is not the answer

BPP #001: Welcome to the Beyond PRO Podcast

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Praise for the Beyond PRO Podcast

Read what other subscribers have to say about the show:

“Stephanie provides excellent insight and immediately useful tips to grow your business and keep you on track with your goals. This podcast speaks volumes about staying true to yourself and remaining focused on what is important in your life. I have been addicted to her materials for over two years and now you will be too!” ~Poor14

“A CEO friend sent me a link to Stephanie Pollock’s site and I have been hooked on her podcasts and materials ever since. As an entrepreneur who has been in business for over 10 years, this really speaks to taking my company to the next level and enjoying measured growth. Excellent!” ~Double Back Prod 

“These podcasts contain vital information for taking your business (and life) to the next level. I love how the podcasts are short, yet packed with practical, easy to apply information. Every podcast has provided me with a tool I’ve put into practice.” ~Accendo Consulting

“I listen to a lot podcasts, and most of the business ones feel like they are by men and for men. Stephanie brings a breath of fresh air for women in business. Not only that, this is unique in that she packs in real education in a brief time span. And it has a sense of heart and balance, while also getting serious about money and getting things done. It’s not just another interview show where someone is selling you something. I LOVE it. Highly recommended. I have followed her work for years and taken her classes. She’s the real deal!!” ~ValNelson

“Totally look forward to these podcasts. Steph talks about the topics that are absolutely essential to taking charge of your business and running a truly successful company. Its laid out in plain language that is easy to take in and implement.” ~AlishiaSpring

“I’ve worked with Stephanie in a variety of ways for several years. In all cases, she has gone above and beyond. She has a way of getting at the heart of issues–resistance, overwhelm, etc–and helping people move beyond them. These podcasts are another way that Stephanie is going above and beyond for the people she serves. Each episode is packed with useful and timely advice. Thank you, Stephanie, for taking the time to put these together.” ~Carole Audet

I am so encouraged and motivated by Stephanie and her business insight especially because it relates to women in business. I am in a male dominated industry, but Stephanie’s advice and experience help me to keep moving upward. ~Kathy Parnell

Stephanie’s insights, wisdom, and real life examples are in my must listen podcast list. Every time I get a notification of a new episode I carve out time on my calendar to listen and take notes. In fact today, I was feeling overwhelmed and full of negativity towards my business and then I remembered…I have a new Beyond Pro podcast! It’s time to refocus, regroup, and change my perspective. After listening to Deadhead Your Business, I’ve walked away with 6 new ideas and a much improved frame of mind. Beyond Pro and Stephanie Pollock are my go to resource for business growth, leadership and learning how to show up as my best self! Thanks, Stephanie! ~Rock Canyon Coffee 

This podcast is a wonderful boost to my day! Stephanie is authentic, practical, and full of wisdom for entrepreneurs based on real-life experience. I’m a long-time follower of her work and am grateful for this podcast so I can hear her tips and insights on the go! ~Pepper Makepeace, Small Business Sisterhood


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