Welcome to episode #2 of the Growth Series!

Last episode we talked about why it’s critical to deadhead your business as a precursor to growth. Missed it? Catch up by BPP #006 .

On today’s episode, we’ll focus on positioning your business for smart growth. Because growth for the sake of growth is neither smart nor fruitful. In fact, it’s a fast path to burnout, mistakes and disappointment.

Instead, let’s create a smart growth path that aligns with your priorities, capacity and readiness for risk.

Go have a listen, and then work through the printable that accompanies this episode. If you spend 15 minutes now, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress and frustration in the future.

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Resources mentioned:

BPP #006: Growth Strategy No. 1, Deadhead your business 

Position your business for smart growth — free printable


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I am so encouraged and motivated by Stephanie and her business insight especially because it relates to women in business. I am in a male dominated industry, but Stephanie’s advice and experience help me to keep moving upward. ~Kathy Parnell

Stephanie’s insights, wisdom, and real life examples are in my must listen podcast list. Every time I get a notification of a new episode I carve out time on my calendar to listen and take notes. In fact today, I was feeling overwhelmed and full of negativity towards my business and then I remembered…I have a new Beyond Pro podcast! It’s time to refocus, regroup, and change my perspective. After listening to Deadhead Your Business, I’ve walked away with 6 new ideas and a much improved frame of mind. Beyond Pro and Stephanie Pollock are my go to resource for business growth, leadership and learning how to show up as my best self! Thanks, Stephanie! ~Rock Canyon Coffee 

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