Welcome to the first episode in the Plan for Success series!

As the summer winds down, many of us are starting the process of planning for the final quarter of 2015 and even prepping for 2016. It’s my favourite time of year in many ways — I always get a surge of business energy in August and September, and my planning goes into hyper-drive.

And so, I’ve created a new series for the podcast to run in August called Plan for Success. Each week, we’ll look at a core component of what it takes to have a solid plan for your business. I want to set you up for success this Fall with clarity, focus and solid direction.

Today, I’m speaking to you if you’ve resisted planning — maybe you’re scared because you don’t know where to start, or you think it’ll kibosh your creativity, or you think planning is only for the big guys.

In this episode, I’m going to bust the three biggest fears and objections I hear when it comes to planning, and give you five additional benefits to making time in your calendar to plan.

If growth, focus and clarity is on your business agenda this Fall, don’t miss this episode.

Enjoy the episode:

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I am so encouraged and motivated by Stephanie and her business insight especially because it relates to women in business. I am in a male dominated industry, but Stephanie’s advice and experience help me to keep moving upward.  – Kathy Parnell
Seriously, this is a be-sure-to-tune-in every time podcast. Don’t miss it! – Marissa Bishop 

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