It’s easy to come up with great ideas and exciting projects.

I bet you have a million of them right?

But how are you at turning those great ideas into reality – a finished product your business can continue to benefit from?

For many entrepreneurs (especially us solos), this is where things can get a little dicey. The ideas are great, but executing on them until completion? That feels way too hard. We get overwhelmed in the details. We aren’t sure where to start. We go strong for a couple of weeks only to flounder when we hit the messy middle.

But there’s one easy way to ensure you make your big idea happen.

It’s called reverse-engineering and I break it down for you in the second episode of our 4-part Plan for Success Series. (Missed part one? Click here at to listen in).

And to ensure your success, I’ve created a comprehensive PRO Project Plan that you can download for free, and use each time you have a project you want to reap the rewards of rather than languish in the oneday-someday bin.

So, go grab your copy by clicking here and then follow along with me as I break it down bit by bit. My hope is that you’ll never get overwhelmed by a big project again, and you’ll start to put this roadmap to work in your business today.

Enjoy the episode:


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Resources mentioned:

>>PRO Project Plan: a 90-day roadmap to make your big idea happen << (free download)

Asana (Project Manager)

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PRO Project Plan

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