1. done on purpose; deliberate; done in a way that is planned.

I know, I know. We hear repeatedly how ‘this one thing’ will change everything, but when we peel back the layers it becomes apparent that ‘this one thing’ consists of a thousand other steps before we can bring it all together.

The reality is that there will always be steps we need to take to get where we want to go. But how can we possibly maintain our grit and determination to get there when we are constantly bombarded with distractions and circumstances? All you need to do is have a couple of kids to realize that the road ahead is anything but straight and narrow, so how can you help yourself stay on that winding road without sliding down the slippery slope of living an average year?

As Robin Sharma says, “Postponing your greatness is a recipe for heartbreak; and being casual about the life you deserve leads to casualty.” Do you feel yourself heading towards heartbreak because you have postponed yourself or your business too many time?

Is this the year you decide to stop postponing the possibilities, realize your dreams or experience a slam dunk in your business growth? You know you are in charge of your own destiny, but you feel the need for something more – an injection of some kind to breathe excitement into your planning.

Well, ‘this one thing’ could possibly make all the difference for you, in order to have that stand out year you so desire.

“Done in a way that is planned.” That’s how the dictionary describes the word ‘intentional’. It isn’t an out-of-reach, scary word but rather one that can literally change your life. When you apply this ingredient to your dreams, goals and plans, it adds an element of, “I’ve got this and I’m not going to waver!”

Today on the podcast, I share ways to access this key ingredient, how to incorporate it as a theme for the year, why it’s an integral part to ensuring a stand out year. Listen in – I want this to be your year, fully owned and lived by you, intentionally.

Enjoy today’s episode! 

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