“Life will not always deliver your desired outcomes. It has to teach you that your spirit will get its muscle by bouncing back and giving it all you can.” ~Dodinsky

At some point in your business journey, you will likely find yourself at a crisis of confidence. It might be because of something that has happened in your personal life – a baby, a divorce, a death, a marriage, or a financial change. Or it might be because of something specific inside the business from a shift in the market, an economic downturn, disinterest in the current business or a failure that stung.

Everyone has moments where they are shaken to the core of what’s true. We all experience times when we wonder if we are on the right path, or if we’ll ever be able to get back on it to begin with. But we don’t talk about it – it’s like we are not good business owners if we aren’t sharing our big successes from the mountaintop (or Facebook).

I want to talk about it today. Because I KNOW it happens over and over again in business, and when you’re in the thick of it, it’s hard to know what to do next.  And  I’ve seen it more than a few times lately with clients, friends and colleagues.

These challenges include things like:

  • An unexpected death in the family which made this entrepreneur just not want to work on her business at all (and wondered if it would be ok while she grieved)
  • An ongoing struggle which  made this entrepreneur wonder if they could take the toxic interpersonal relations of the family business much longer
  • A point of exhaustion with another entrepreneur who has been working in the same industry for 20 years and is ready for a ‘what’s next?’ but has no idea what that is or how to monetize it
  • An entrepreneur dealing with marriage issues resulting in divorce, which took up all the energy otherwise devoted to the business and now having to rebuild
  • A come-to-Jesus moment with an entrepreneur who wanted to create much more impact with her work, leading to a complete 180 in her offerings and focus (and now trying to build something from scratch)
  • A new, up-and-coming business that while externally successful is imploding behind-the-scenes and filled with stress and doubt
  • An entrepreneur dealing with challenge kid dynamics, leaving her with limited mental bandwidth for much else
  • And many other entrepreneurs whose businesses are successful or struggling, but all sharing a characteristic of wondering if they are on the right path or not.

Listen to today’s episode and learn how you can bounce back after a crisis of confidence. 

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