Every week I get to coach amazing women.

They are coaches, landscape artists, speakers, community builders, dieticians, business efficiency experts, addiction & recovery experts, social media stars and purpose revealers.

They are truly brilliant women who have a gift for their craft.

And I’m betting that you do too.

Your work? That thing you pour your passion into? Ya, you’re a star at that.

Changing people’s lives? Done.

Providing useful, applicable strategies to make someone’s life or business or health or relationships run more smoothly?

You’re a PRO. 

Being great at what you do is never the problem. Ever.

Despite that dreadful imposter complex that says to you, “Who are you to do this?” I know the truth – you’ve got the talent and the heart to do this work.

So let’s take this minute to own that. Because you’ve got it covered. Test passed.

Now…this is where things can get a little sticky.

Because the other truth is that it isn’t enough just to be great.

Greatness alone will not grow your business’ bottom line, reach or impact. Being excellent at your craft grants you entry into the business arena, but it doesn’t get you much past GO. 

Yet, many, many entrepreneurs (especially solopreneurs) make the fatal assumption that being amazing at WHAT you do = having an AMAZING business.

And then are majorly disappointed when despite their credentials and training and ability – the business is struggling.

So what’s the problem?

Well, to quote small business expert and author Michael Gerber, “That Fatal Assumption is: if you understand the technical work of a business, you understand a business that does that technical work.”

Most entrepreneurs don’t understand how to build a business that does the technical work. So they try to build it the other way around and then wonder why it’s either a) not working, or b) burning them out, or c) both.

To build a business that does technical work requires that your shift your perspective from one of technician (e.g. coach, designer, consultant etc) to one of CEO. To be the leader of your business first – and the craftswoman second.

And this shift will shift everything.

When you’re leading your business as its CEO (and if you own your business, you’re the CEO), it requires you think and act differently, like:

  • moving beyond transactional activities to really identify where your catalyst opportunities lay
  • ensuring your messaging is on point with the market you’re seeking to serve and that you’ve built in feedback loops to check your assumptions
  • stepping into the spotlight to share your vision – not as an act of pure self-promotion, but one of self-expression and service
  • finishing what you start vs being sidelined again and again by new ideas
  • making fast and strategic decisions – and not getting caught up in analysis-paralysis and self-doubt
You may never have seen yourself as a leader or maybe you think of leadership in stodgy corporate terms. Maybe you worry you don’t have the leadership chops to do it. Or maybe the idea of stepping up scares you a bit.
I get it. But what’s the alternative?

I believe you have the capacity to step into your CEO shoes and really lead your business like the PRO you are.

And what would be possible for your business from THAT place? With you as an empowered, strategic, courageous leader at its helm? I can just imagine, can’t you?

Here’s the other thing you need to know. Leaders are made, not born. It’s a skill and a practice – not some club you’re either part of or not.

That’s why I created the Beyond PRO program. Because quite honestly (and from my heart), I am just so tired of watching potential unrealized and businesses flounder.

I know that what’s at the root of the problem isn’t a marketing issue or a pricing issue or a visibility issue or a client issue. 

Those are all symptoms of a bigger problem – a lack of leadership. The kind of inside-out leadership that helps you step into your own personal power so you can steer your business toward the vision you aspire to.

If this is you – I’d love to help you become the leader I know you are, and help you transform your business into what it has the possibility to be.

Beyond PRO is a 4-month leadership program designed specifically for entrepreneurial women. There are no requirements other than a desire and commitment to your own business potential.

You can read more about it and sign up here: 



Beyond PRO

p.s. any questions about the program? Just hit reply. I’m happy to answer any for you. 🙂

Photo credit: Edward Chambon

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