You are enough. Right now.

You don’t need more knowledge.

You don’t need more degrees.

You don’t need more expertise or credentials or letters after your name.

You don’t need to be an A-lister or a B-lister.

You don’t need to have 10,000 Twitter Followers or 1,000 Likes on Facebook.

What you need is to believe that you matter.

That you bring value to your right people.

You need to believe in the core of your being that you’ve got something special to bring to the world – even just your corner of it.

It’s not ok to continue to tell yourself you’re not enough.

And it’s not ok to minimize your strengths, undervalue your offerings and sabotage your success.

It’s not ok to hide out – to play small – to be anything less than the amazing person you are.

Every moment you spend giving power to the voices in your head that tell you you’re just not enough, are moments you are throwing away.

These moments could be spent coming up with a lucrative new revenue stream, helping your ideal client achieve a breakthrough, taking a bubble bath to relax, or spending time with your loved ones.

Don’t waste so many moments convincing yourself that you’re not enough.

It’s a choice my friends. Those beliefs penetrate your psyche because you ALLOW them to.

All that doubt, worry, fear, sabotage and anxiety never has and never will do anything help you realize your dreams. They will simply keep you from it – pulling you back every time you make progress.

Enough is enough. It’s time.

Make a new choice. Believe something new.

You are enough. Right now.

Photo Credit: Flikr, pfala

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