I’m so thrilled to officially launch the Beyond PRO Podcast with this premiere episode. I created this podcast as a place to discuss what it means to be the leader of your business – and why it’s so important for the growth of your company.

Given that this first episode fell on the last day of quarter one, we take a moment to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. And from there, we cast our vision ahead to quarter two so you could determine exactly what matters most for the coming 90 days.

I’ve put together a quick printable for you to use so that you can do your own reflection and planning process in these first days of quarter two.

You can download that here:  Q1 Review & Q2 Planning Printable 

Thanks for joining me for this first episode – stay tuned for next week’s show, “Working harder isn’t the answer.”


CEO Fast Track — a leadership guide to help you make time for what matters most.

Free: Q1 Review & Q2 Planning printable

Thanks for listening!

**Note: I’m still working to get this loaded to iTunes, so stay tuned for that update.

I’m always open to feedback, questions or topic suggestions. You can contact me here to say hello.

~ Steph

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