Welcome to episode #5 of the Growth Series!

In the previous four episodes we talked about how to deadhead your business, and how to position it for smart growth, how to leverage the 3 key ways to grow and how to cultivate a growth mindset. Missed them? Catch up here BPP #006  or BPP #007  or BPP #008 or BPP #009.

Today we’re talking about how to think big and far, but act small and soon. Because strategic growth comes from being able to cast a powerful vision, but anchor it in the day-to-day actions that will make it a reality. Bottom line? You need to do both. Or, you need to hire someone to help you with the skill set you don’t have.

Enjoy the episode:

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Resources mentioned:

>>> The Tools I Use pdf download<<<

My PRO Plan Early Bird Notification List 

Double Double – Cameron Herold 

StrengthsFinder 2.0 – Tom Rath 

Erin Cassidy at ArtSocial (my amazing graphic designer)

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The Tools I Use

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